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Balloon Arches Elevate the Excitement of Your Event

The Best Balloon Arches in Albuquerque

Balloon arches are a classic balloon decoration that takes any event over the top. Arches are one of our most popular creations, as they are a hot item for school events, corporate events, business grand openings, and races. Who wouldn’t want to add more excitement to their event with a bright, exciting balloon arch?

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Balloon Arches Come in a Variety of Sizes

At Urban Balloons by Dawn, we create balloon arches that match the specifications of your event. We always want to honor the theme of any event and ask our customers how we can help balloons fit into the entire motif of a party or event.

Our balloon arches can be as small as a personal arch for a single doorway. And they can be as large as an arch you can drive through, and anywhere in between. The common sizes are personal, 10 feet by 10 feet (which means it goes 10 feet up and 10 feet across), and 20 feet by 20 feet.

Our Process

At Urban Balloons by Dawn, our Qualatex-certified, mother-daughter balloon artist team has a tried and true process to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. Our dynamic duo will:

  • Ask you to share inspiration if you have any (Pinterest, social media, web search, etc.)

  • Inquire about all the specifications, including colors, patterns (a swirl of two colors is the most common pattern we see in balloon arches), and the size of the space.

  • Ask about your budget.

  • Send you a proposal for you to approve.

  • Provide constant communication leading up to your event and the day of.

  • Come to your event and set up the balloons ahead of time, and ensure everything meets your standards.

How much do balloon arches cost in Albuquerque?

Pricing on balloon arches is one of the most standard pricing we can share. Personal arches are $225, 10x10 foot arches are $350, and 20x20 foot arches are $600. However, if you need a larger balloon arch for your Albuquerque event, please reach out to us for pricing and availability.

How do I know I’m ordering the correct size balloon arch for my event?

It’s hard to visualize what a 20’ arch will look like in your space—we get it! At Urban Balloons by Dawn, we want to ensure you order the properly sized balloon arch for your event so you can celebrate in style! Give us a call, have a tape measure handy, and we can talk you through determining the right size arch for your decorating goals.

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