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Custom Balloons Bring Your Imagination to Life

We’re Here for Any of Your Custom Balloon Designs in Albuquerque!

At Urban Balloons by Dawn, we’re certified balloon artists with an emphasis on artists! We always say there is no limit to what we can build. The only limit is your imagination! We love working with customers to realize their party-planning dreams. 

From balloon yard art that shows, “the party is here!” to elaborate sculptures made of balloons, we love to put our artistry to the test and see what we can make. The latest in kid's entertainment? We can do that! Something that you’ve only ever seen on Pinterest? We can do that too!


Custom Balloons Allow You to Spoil the Guest(s) of Honor

Balloon Elvis, school mascots made of balloons, and a life-size pirate are all in a day’s work here at Urban Balloons by Dawn. Browse our gallery and even take to Pinterest or web search to get ideas for your next party or event. Then give us a call, and we can brainstorm together.

Our Process

At Urban Balloons by Dawn, our Qualatex-certified, mother-daughter balloon artist team has a tried and true process to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. Our dynamic duo will:

  • Ask you to share inspiration if you have any (Pinterest, social media, web search, etc.)

  • Inquire about all the specifications, including colors, patterns (a swirl of two colors is the most common pattern we see in balloon arches), and the size of the space.

  • Ask about your budget.

  • Send you a proposal for you to approve.

  • Provide constant communication leading up to your event and the day of.

  • Come to your event and set up the balloons ahead of time, and ensure everything meets your standards.

How much do custom balloons cost in Albuquerque?

Custom balloon art ranges in pricing. We’ll create a fair bid for you, taking into account the hours we will put into design and creation, materials, and set-up materials/fees. Anyone can buy balloons at Party City. But Urban Balloons by Dawn is here for those that really want to elevate their event with custom balloons.

How long do balloons last outside versus inside in Albuquerque?

When ordering custom balloons in Albuquerque, you’re probably wondering how long they will last. Here are our answers. Air-filled balloon decor can last weeks inside. The amount of time balloons will last depends on the environmental conditions of the space. Outdoor balloon decor is affected by the elements (sun, heat, wind, rain, etc.) Therefore, balloons used outside are not guaranteed to last any specific length of time.

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