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Grab N Go Garlands

Experience the ultimate convenience of ordering balloons with Urban Balloons by Dawn. Our mother-daughter balloon artist team has meticulously designed every aspect, from the balloon selection to the hanging instructions, so that you can effortlessly create a stunning display. Simply follow our user-friendly instructions, and you'll have your balloons hung and styled exactly the way you envision. In a world filled with endless options, we have made the process of ordering balloons on the go an absolute breeze.


How it works

Introducing our Grab N Go Balloon Garlands, the epitome of convenience and style.

  • Each garland segment measures an impressive 6 feet in length, allowing you to effortlessly transform any space into a vibrant celebration (two is the most that will fit in the average SUV).

  • With the option to choose up to 4 colors from our comprehensive color chart, you can customize your garland to perfectly suit your event or theme.

  • Priced at an affordable $105 per segment, these garlands are not only visually stunning but also budget-friendly.

  • To ensure a seamless installation experience, each order includes an installation instruction card, along with 2 command hooks and 4 elastics. You can also reference our quick Grab N Go tutorial video.

  • All garland pickups are on Thursdays between 3 and 6 p.m. at 10927 Pasquale Dr. Albuqueque, NM 87114.

  • Garlands must be purchased in advance. No walk-in orders.

How long do balloons last outside versus inside in Albuquerque?

When ordering balloons in Albuquerque, you’re probably wondering how long they will last. Here are our answers. Air-filled balloon decor can last weeks inside. The amount of time balloons will last depends on the environmental conditions of the space. Outdoor balloon decor is affected by the elements (sun, heat, wind, rain, etc.) Therefore, balloons used outside are not guaranteed to last any specific length of time.

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